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  • Piston driven at the center of gravity

  • AR15 trigger/safety - Pistol grip

  • XLR rear stock system 

  • Folding adjustable monopod

  • Front stock integrated with pivoting bipod

  • Heavy duty carry handle

  • Matched front picatinny rail

  • Black oxide finish

  • Weight:  48 lb.

Small Batch Run

50% down

6 months delivery

First come - first serve.



  • Precision Machined Chromoly Upper Receiver

  • Chromoly Carrier & Bolt

  • 29"or 20" Rifle Cut  Chromoly Bull 1-15 Twist

  • 10-shot push button release

  • Extruded aluminum magazine

  • Bolt catch

  • Actuating handle  Mil Spec / not moving while firing

Vigilance Rifles M14 50 BMG Semi Auto


Accuracy Guarantee: YES 1.5 MOA

Rifle cut barrel: YES


Chrome Chamber: YES


Chamber accessible: YES


Top loadable Magazine: YES

Push button release Magazine: YES

Bolt open on last round: YES

Bolt handle stationary while firing: YES

Standard AR10 / M16 Trigger: YES

Standard AR10 Rear Stocks: YES

Extend-able rear stock: YES

Adjustable cheek rest: YES

Standard fold able Mono-pod: YES

Standard carry handle: YES

Full Auto Capable: YES

Solid Chromoly construction: YES

Pivoting Bipod 360 Deg: YES

Extend-able Bipod legs: YES

Combat Warranty: NO

Hard case included: NO

29 Inch Barrel weight: 48 lb

Felt Shooting Recoil pounds 35 lb.

Barrett M107 50 BMG Semi Auto


Accuracy Guarantee: NO


Rifle cut barrel: NO


Chrome Chamber: NO


Chamber accessible: NO


Top loadable Magazine: NO

Push button release Magazine: NO

Bolt open on last round: NO

Bolt handle stationary while firing: NO

Standard AR10 / M16 Trigger: NO

Standard AR10 Rear Stocks: NO

Extend-able rear stock: NO

Adjustable cheek rest: NO

Standard fold able Mono-pod: NO

Standard carry handle: NO

Full Auto Capable: NO

Solid Chromoly construction: NO

Pivoting Bipod 360 Deg: NO

Extend-able Bipod legs: NO

Combat Warranty: NO

Hard case included: YES

29 Inch Barrel weight: 32 lb.

Felt Shooting Recoil pounds 75 lb. 


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