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The most comfortable rifle you'll ever shoot.


M12 308 Winchester, designated M12 for year put into production.

The most comfortable rifle you will ever shoot, weighs 18 lbs. - you can shoot all day without fatigue.

A truly stable platform, with pivoting bipod that locks to keep you level on any terrain. Legs lock with a barrel nut, the plateform is tight and true- no wobbiling.  If your rifle is not level, you cannot be accurate at long distance. We solved this problem.

Note the thick buttpad, this is the Cadillac of 308 Winchester Rifles.

Guaranteed 1 MOA accuracy with box HSM - 308 police ammunition.


  • Solid Chromoly Construction

  • Rifle Cut Barrels any length , Diameter, Material or Twist 

  • Finish - Oxide, Parkerize or Cerakote

  • Precision Wire EDM Cut Receiver

  • 10-shot detachable magazine

  • Savage-Accutrigger, adjustable to 1 lb. without gunsmith

  • Thread for muzzle-brake

  • Heavy-duty pivoting bipod

  • Collapsable stock/cheek - adjustable 1.5 in. increments

  • Foldable/adjustable monopod

  • Heavy recoil pad

  • Picatinny rail/machined to receiver 1 piece

  • Guaranteed 1 MOA @ 100 yards with match ammunition


The M12 Concept

Designated M12, the Model 12 was developed in 2012. I wanted this rifle to compete with other breakdown-type units on the market. The price had to be reasonable and quickly deliverable, at the time, it was our most affordable weapon in our line-up.

The major advantage to this weapon over others is that it breaks down in under a minute. When the barrel is put back upon the receiver, the impact is the same. It fits in a tiny softcase. Offered in 308 Winchester and guaranteed 1 MOA at 100 yards. 

The biggest selling point is the weight of this weapon.

Contrary to the thought that lightness would be the winning strategy to the marketability of this rifles creation, it weighs 18 pounds, and that’s exactly the way we wanted it.

The action is huge in comparison to shoulder held rifles, this makes it more robust and accurate-  accurate enough for a 1 MOA guarantee. The weight also makes the rifle enjoyable to shoot for everyone, including women and kids. You can shoot this rifle all day without shoulder pain or fatigue. It truly is a shooters rifle. It also boasts of a quick detachable magazine, holding 10 rounds.

The rear stock is adjustable in 5 positions, and it has a adjustable monopod that folds out of the cheek rest.

The front bipod is robust and deliberate, pivots and locks to keep you level on any terrain. It is not an add on after-market simplex system.

The Vigilance M12 has the safest trigger available, the Savage Accutrigger. The rifle was designed to take this trigger, and the complexity of machining to accept it is noticeable. The Accutrigger is adjustable without a gunsmith, and truly cannot release the firing pin without intentional trigger pull. It is the best trigger safety combination on the market.

M12 308 #8.jpg
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