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Vigilance Rifles®
Extreme Long Range

Vigilance Rifles® V440 Cartridge - .440 diameter bullet, using the 50 BMG cartridge as parent case.


The angle of the shoulder and the length of cartridge remains the same as 50 BMG.

The neck is simply squeezed down to accept the .440 Bullet and have .005 neck tension.

Our objective to allow the V440 to fit in standard 50 BMG Magazines.


The chamber runs a tight neck at .489 - only about .001 clearance with new Winchester Primed Brass


Available for all Windrunners.

The cartridge is exactly the same as 50 BMG, using the same head space gauges, and loaded to the same over all lenght.


Fits and feeds from the 50 BMG magazine.

Our Specialized Sizing Die with built in trim- all it takes one squeeze, reducing the neck to except the V440 600 gn RBBT Bullet with .005 neck tension.

Use your 50 BMG shell holder and 50 BMG bullet seater to push the bullets to the 5.450 OAL.


Super easy and user friendly.​



.440 Diameter – 2.50 long – 600 gn. Bullet

RBBT - Rebated Boat Tail –  Solid Copper Turned

Load 200 gn. H50 BMG Max


2800 fps - with 29 inch Barrel - 1:11 twist



The concept of this cartridge is to give Vigilance Rifles Inc. it's own Bad Ass Cartridge that will fit in standard 10 Shot 50 BMG Magazines.

The cartridge was engineered first to those specs before going in to production of Reamers, Dies and Bullets. The overall jump of this bullet is .030  whilst being at a OAL of 5.450


First firing after forming brass has provided 3/8 - 5 shot groups.

Fire Formed Brass and Neck Sized only, produces even better results.

21 MOA up from 100 yard zero to the 1000 yard target - about a 1.0 BC.

The 1:11 twist rate contributes to longer distance stability.

2 shock waves on the RBBT bullet also contributes to longer distance stability.

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