Vigilance V440


This is our Brand New V440 Cartridge - .440 Diameter Bullet that uses the 50 BMG Cartridge as Parent Case. We have kept the angle of the shoulder, length of cartridge the same as 50 BMG. The Neck is simply squeezed down to except the .440 Bullet and have .005 neck tension.


The chamber runs a tight neck .489 so only about .001 clearance with new Winchester Primed Brass.

We are offering this Hot Rod Caliber for our Windrunners New ones or Old ones. EZ barrel swapping as usual already Head Spaced to your rifle. Because the cartridge is basically the same as 50BMG we use the same Head Space gauges. Also the big advantage of this cartridge is that it fits and feeds from you 50 BMG Magazine.

We will also re barrel other manufacturers rifles, some alterations to the bolt may have to be performed.

Literally it only takes seconds, one squeeze to form your brass and it only stretches .01 so it's ready to load and fire.

Super Easy anybody can do it, we have already done all the work. After first firing you will need to trim the brass.


We have Bullets, Dies and Rifles.

Full Length / Form Die and Neck Size only Die, you use your 50BMG Shell Holder and 50 BMG Bullet seater to push the bullets to the 5.450 OAL



.440 Diameter – 2.50 long – 600 gn. RBBT / Rebated Boat Tail – Tellurium Copper

Load 225 gn. H50 BMG Max

3125 fps - with 36 inch Chromoly 1:13 twist


The concept of this Cartridge is the Weatherby Formula “Jump the Diameter of the Bullet”.

So the Cartridge was engineered first to those specs before going in to production of Reamers and Bullets. This bullet Jumps a .440 length while being confined to a .441 diameter before entering the lands and grooves. Because of this jump the Pressures are reduced and Velocity can be increased.


So there are lots of different opinions on how to shoot accurately, some say bullet on the lands others .03 off lands etc. goes on forever. But this was Weatherbys formula and we have used it on many of our rifle designs. I don't think any body can argue that a Weatherby is not accurate.


So that's how we get 3125 fps with a 600 gn bullet without pressure issues, the brass is very reloadable I would say at least 8 times if not more.


First firing after forming brass has provided .625 5 shot groups.

Fire Formed Brass produces even better results below .500 - but your can do better than me.

17.5 MOA up from 100 yard zero to the 1000 yard target - based on that we estimate a 1.1 BC


Check out the pictures below – showing comparisons of several cartridges and specs of the V440.

Also note the multiple shock waves on standard rebated bullets VS. only 2 shock waves on a RBBT bullet.

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