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The VR1 Semi-Automatic Rifle chambered in 408 Caliber. This is a serious performing round, available as box ammo from HSM in Montana USA. 420 grain bullet traveling at 2750 feet per second with a Ballistic Coefficient of about 1.0, the drop out to 1000 yards is about 24 MOA.


The VR1 only weighs 17 pounds, imagine the fire power from such a light package. Our heavy 1 1/4 bull barrels are rigid enough for excellent accuracy to extreme distances. The advantage from stepping down from the 416 B. and the 50 BMG are quick follow up shots and easy impact reading from the lower recoil of the VR1 Rifles. 


New VR1 Rifles sport an auto check gas piston system that can shoot with or without suppressor, no intervention from the shooter, just screw on the suppressor - no thinking required.  Older rifles can be sent in for upgrade gas system, call for prices and details.

VR1 408 semi-auto breakdown


Designed and developed to be light and mobile and inspired by several of the finest auto-loading rifles in the world, we have taken the best features and incorporated them into a larger than life auto-loading rifle.


You can expect five shots in the quick detachable magazine- plenty of firepower for the largest or most dangerous game. Now available in 10 shot mags.


Our upper receiver is made from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and certified Heat Treatment for high-pressure operation with such large calibers. The upper receiver-barrel locks securely into a lightweight hard-anodized lower receiver. The rifle uses a three-lugged rotary screw bolt for sure lockup, and a fixed ejector for high rate fire.


Using a 11/4 bull barrel for extreme accuracy and incorporating a proven muzzle brake for taming the Beast, the VR1 Rifles come standard with our stocks machined from (RUTPLY) premium wood and are available in several colors.


Our exclusive Pendulum Two Stage Trigger (PTST) at the heart of the gun supplies crisp reliable trigger pull. First stage is 2-½ lb and second stage releases at 3-½ lb respectively, the predictability of the trigger improves shooter accuracy and confidence.  Incorporated within the trigger system is a heavy engagement (FAIL PROOF) traditional push safety.


Why is it so reliable?

Reliability of the VR1 is due to the gas port being optimally located to the chamber. The gases are cleaner and hotter up front and result in more reliable cycling and less fowling, the best autoloading rifles in the world use this system.


What does all that mean?

It looks nice, and it feels nice.


Lifetime warranty on all parts and labor for original owner. If a parts breaks- it will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Original owner must be registered with Vigilance Rifles.

If rifle has to be sent in for repair- customer pays for return shipping.

Combat Rifles have no warranty, parts will be repaired or replace at factory cost.

Shipping and Labor at factory cost.



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