Vigilance Rifles' newest and only pistol ~ carbine autoloader, named M20 for the year developed.

Vigilance Rifles®

Model 20

9mm NATO 

Submachine Gun

Base Set
$1699 + S/H $99

Carbine Barrel

Fold Stock

Extendable Stock

Muzzle Brake

Picatinny Rail

One 10 round PROMAG

Model 20 
Full Set Upgrade
+ $399

Additional Short Barrel

Additional Barrel Nut

Additional Muzzle Brake

Model 20 
Travel Upgrade
+ $299 

Pelican Hardcase V700

Custom Foam Fitting

Model 20 

Full-Automatic available, ask for the A-M20.

For California Residents

Carbine only with folding stock adaptor modified non-foldable,  MOE featureless Stock, Shark Fin Grip, 10 Shot Magazine.


Pivoting machine gun lid and quick release button.

Left side cocking, or clearing.

Built to take PROMAG magazines.

Available in 10, 18, 25, 32, and 50 round capacity.

Quick change barrel with our signature 2- inch front barrel retaining nut.



Fire pin lock - extra safety feature. If the lid is open, the firing pin is blocked.

Integrated fixed sights.

Fixed ejector that doubles as a magazine stop.

Controlled feed extractor. 

Signature Vigilance Rifles Inc.™ square body.


Comes with one 10-shot magazine.

Considered Military Spec.

Please note: Patent pending on signature M20 features.

know your laws

civilian use in the usa



Not legal

This configuration is for MILITARY and LAW ENFORCEMENT use only.

(928) 910 - 3623

4845 N. Spruce, Chino Valley, Arizona 86323, USA

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