Vigilance Rifles' newest and only pistol ~ carbine autoloader, named M20 for the year developed.

Vigilance Rifles®

Model 20

9mm NATO 

Submachine Gun

Base Set
$2999 + S/H $99

Carbine Barrel

Fold Stock

Extendable Stock

Muzzle Brake

Picatinny Rail

One 10 round PROMAG 

XLR Folder

*$1699 with Vigilance Folder (in photo)

Model 20 
Vililance Rifles 9-30-20_-54.jpg
Full Set Upgrade
+ $399

Additional Short Barrel

Additional Barrel Nut

Additional Muzzle Brake

Model 20 
Vililance Rifles 9-30-20_-64.jpg
Travel Upgrade
+ $299 

Pelican Hardcase V700

Custom Foam Fitting

Model 20 
Vililance Rifles 9-30-20_-78.jpg


Pivoting machine gun lid and quick release button.


Left side cocking (or clearing).

Vililance Rifles 9-30-20_-57.jpg

Works well with

10, 18, and 50 round drum PROMAG magazines.


Quick change barrel with our signature 2- inch front barrel retaining nut.




Fire pin lock - extra safety feature. If the lid is open, the firing pin is blocked.

Integrated fixed sights.

Fixed ejector that doubles as a magazine stop.

Controlled feed extractor. 

Signature Vigilance Rifles Inc.® square body.


Comes with one 10-shot magazine.

Considered Military Spec.

Please note: Patent pending on signature M20 features.



What are you eligible for?

M20 SMG/PCC is a Semi Automatic Weapon available in all 50 states.


Some states require a Featureless Stock and Shark Fin Grip.

A-M20 is Full Automatic and available for Military and Law Enforcement Only.

Please only inquire about the fully automatic A-M20 SMG configurations 

if you represent Military or Law Enforcement agencies in any country.

The only way US civilians can have a full-automatic A-M20 is if you Hold a FFL #7 & SOT #2. Any conversion of the M-20 must be done yourself and put in your SOT Book. This is the law.


We cannot sell a post 1986 FULLY AUTOMATIC weapon to anyone other than Military & Law Enforcement Agencies.

For California Residents: Carbine only with folding stock adaptor modified non-foldable,  MOE featureless Stock, Shark Fin Grip, 10 Shot Magazine.

know your laws

civilian use in the usa



Not legal

M20 9mm Military_Law enforcement configu

This configuration is for MILITARY and LAW ENFORCEMENT use only.