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The M14 rifle shoots 1.5 groups GUARANTEED at 100 yards using box ammo from HSM 750 gn A-MAX MATCH.  Part # HSM-50BMG-2-N. 

Using a piston "driven at the center of gravity" in the bolt carrier. By placing the piston in the bolt carrier, the opening time is extended long enough for the pressures in the chamber to reduce to a level that the cartridge can be extracted and ejected positively.

Disassembling with 4 screws, this rifle makes for quick cleaning.


The cocking/actuating handle is for arming or clearing the rifle and does not move back and forth whilst firing as on competitive models - it is considered Military Type or "Mil Spec".

Front tube stock threads onto the receiver and do not touch the barrel- there is no harmonic issues to effect accuracy. The front stock has slots and tapped holes to accept standard picatinny rails.

Like the WW1 BAR the Rifle can pivot 360 degrees on the BAR bi-pod legs, the bipod legs don't touch the barrel. Legs fold out of the way for transport and  also extend. This system can keep you level on any terrain to be accurate and on target.

At the rear the Rifle, an XLR Extreme rear stock, extendable cheek, extendable butt - extendable length of pull and folding mono-pod.

The magazine has a bolt-catch system in it, holds 10 rounds and is made of extruded aluminum. This is the only 50 BMG on the market that has a bolt-catch. Magazine can load with the bolt open or shut, and it can also be top loaded whilst the bolt is open, should you only want to put in a couple of rounds.

The cartridges line up with the Chamber and are close to it, they do not hit a feed ramp to load - similar to a M1 Garand, so function is perfect.

The chamber is easily accessed. It's not 2 or 3 inches down a blind hole, so it's easily accessed and cleaned.

Uses standard AR15 Trigger, Safety and Pistol Grip.


Comes with a standard Mil-Spec Picatinny rail, proven Muzzle Brake.

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