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Ask for "The Russian"
12.7 x 108mm

Legal most places that a .50 caliber may not be.
Always USA manufactured.


Ballistics accuracy same as .50 BMG.


Guaranteeing 1 MOA with box MMS Russian Ammunition.


Chronograph results are 2785 fps with 700 gn GD bullets.


Under one inch groups at 100 yards.


The recoil is comparable to the  50 BMG.

Cartridge is legal in California, just like the 510 DTC and our new Vigilance V440.


Reasonably priced at $4.50 per shot and very reloadable.

We have made the M18 Windrunner in our unique 12.7 x 108mm Russian chambering.

We use stock that is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA. All steel used in our products is made in America.


Single-shot configuration available only.

Offering Windrunner conversions, from M96 through M18.


Requires barrel and bolt as The Russian is much larger in comparison to the 50 BMG.


Single shot M18 Russian is eligible for modification.

Magazine-fed as a repeater when magazines become available.


Send in your Russian and we'll modify for a fee.

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